Lalit Jain

Lalit Jain
Assistant Professor
Foster School of Business
University of Washington

Hi, I'm Lalit Jain, an Assistant Professor at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington.

My research focuses on developing new machine learning algorithms and systems for practitioners who need to collect expensive experimental data under limited budget constraints. I combine theoretical mathematical insights with practical implementations to develop methods that effectively provide statistical insights in far fewer measurements than naive passive data collection methods. This work has been applied to many marketing applications such as optimizing crowdfunding and microlending platforms, measuring conceptual perception in cognitive psychology, detecting humor in jokes, and controlling false discovery rate in online experimental platforms.

Bio: Before joining the Foster School of Businees, I was a postdoc in Professor Kevin Jamieson's group and prior to that, a postdoc at the University of Michigan mentored by Professor Anna Gilbert. My PhD in Mathematics was advised by Professor Jordan Ellenberg and Professor Robert Nowak.

New Yorker Caption Contest: For the last 8 years, I've been involved in running the online crowdsourced voting system for the New Yorker caption contest. Checkout the current voting page here. Our extensive dataset is here.