Lalit Jain

I'm extremely passionate about teaching and I have been fortunate to teach mathematics in a variety of different settings, including as a Teach for America high school math teacher, a math circle instructor, and a TA for undergraduate calculus. Here are some of my past materials from discussion sections in recent years.


Worksheet Date Solutions Topic
Precalc Review 1 9/3/2014 Solutions Basic Precalculus
Precalc Review 2 9/8/2014 Solutions Domain and Range, Inverses
Completing The Square 9/10/2014 Solutions Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula, Vertex of Parabola
Epsilon Delta 9/16/2014 Epsilon Delta Limit Definition
Limits 9/22/2014 Solutions Limits. Finite, infinite, rational functions and square roots.
Trig Limits 9/29/2014 Solutions Trig Limits and Definition of Derivative
Midterm 1 Review 10/01/2014 Review for the Midterm
Basic integrals 11/19/2014 Basic integration practice
More integration 12/01/2014 Solutions Substitution, area between curves, and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
I used to teach for the San Francisco and Oakland Math Circles and I was an organizer for Madison Math Circles. Here is a collection of lessons and worksheets I have developed. Coming Soon!!