Lalit Jain

I'm extremely passionate about teaching and I have been fortunate to teach mathematics in a variety of different settings, including as a Teach for America high school math teacher, a math circle instructor, and a TA for undergraduate calculus.

Recent Teaching.

My Recent Teaching a has been at the Foster School of Business. I was awarded the MSBA Excellence in Teaching Award in 2020 and 2021. If you are interested in the materials from these classes, please reach out directly.

Here are some materials from past teaching.


Worksheet Date Solutions Topic
Precalc Review 1 9/3/2014 Solutions Basic Precalculus
Precalc Review 2 9/8/2014 Solutions Domain and Range, Inverses
Completing The Square 9/10/2014 Solutions Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula, Vertex of Parabola
Epsilon Delta 9/16/2014 Epsilon Delta Limit Definition
Limits 9/22/2014 Solutions Limits. Finite, infinite, rational functions and square roots.
Trig Limits 9/29/2014 Solutions Trig Limits and Definition of Derivative
Midterm 1 Review 10/01/2014 Review for the Midterm
Basic integrals 11/19/2014 Basic integration practice
More integration 12/01/2014 Solutions Substitution, area between curves, and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
I used to teach for the San Francisco and Oakland Math Circles and I was an organizer for Madison Math Circles. Here is a collection of lessons and worksheets I have developed. Coming Soon!!